— Techniques —

Vitracolor Back-Painted Glass

Skyline Design's proprietary Vitracolor back-painting process applies water-based, low-VOC paint uniformly. An unlimited color palette creates opaque and writable glass surfaces. Perfect for a dry erase board or wall-cladding.

— Features and Applications —

Digital Printing + Vitracolor

Transforms dynamic imagery, including custom artwork or logos, into a writable glassboard or wall-cladding.

Eco-Etch | Vitracolor

Etching on back-painted glass emphasizes the color with understated shadows.

Texture | Vitracolor

Deep texture on back-painted glass adds dimensionality and vitality to planes of color.

Eco-Etch | Digital Printing + Vitracolor

Layering etched patterns over printed graphics and back-painting on glass establishes depth.

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