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We want to provide you with an easy way to order products that will suit your custom needs. Here you will find information you need to know about placing and managing your order. Call 888-278-4660 to speak with a Skyline Design Representative. We are here to answer your questions.

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Request a Sample
Skyline Design partners with leading architects, designers, photographers, and artists to create an innovative portfolio of customizable glass solutions. You can request samples from our extensive library or submit a custom concept by contacting your Skyline Design Representative.

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For further assistance, contact us at or call 888-278-4660.

Request a Quote
When you're ready to request a quote, send the completed Request for Quote form to We aim to provide quotes within 24-48 hours. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, do not hesitate to follow-up with an email or call 888-278-4660.

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Write a Spec
To help process your specification and order as efficiently as possible, simply download the Specification Guidelines file. Send your completed form, and any questions, to

Glass Specification Guidelines


Glass Specifications
Skyline Design fabricates glass to alter the way it transmits light in the built environment, creating transparency, translucency, and opacity.

Digital Printing

Most glass patterns are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Changing the pattern scale and/or configuration, or using custom colors may incur an additional charge.

To submit a custom color, please contact your Skyline Design Representative.

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Types of Glass
Clear Tempered Safety Glass,
Low-iron PPG Starphire® Tempered Safety Glass

Skyline offers glass applications in nearly any glass thickness, type, or make-up, including monolithic and laminated, fire-rated, mirrors, and more. Our decorative finishes may be applied to tempered glass to meet safety and building code requirements. Maximum fabrication size is limited to 72" x 144" (60" x 120" for Digital Printing). Certain applications may not be available on all glass types and/or thicknesses. Surcharges may apply to oversized or heavy glass.

Submitting Custom Color
We can match virtually any color. To submit a custom color, simply send the code (Pantone, Paint, or other) to your Skyline Design Representative. If the color does not have a code, you may send a physical sample.

We encourage you to contact us directly to provide specifying instructions for all our glass, as well as custom specs for your client's bid-set documents.

Skyline Design encourages you to contact us directly with specific instructions and custom specifications for our glass products. However, Skyline Design cannot guarantee that it has the ability to manufacture products to each customer's exact specifications. No claims or promises are made about Skyline Design's ability to replicate custom artwork, color or other technical specifications. Skyline Design's products are hand and machine crafted with quality and care. Our products are made to order, and individual pieces may have unique variances in color, tone and depth.

All product illustrations on the Website are examples, to indicate pattern scale, density, and approximate designs. We take care to provide you with accurate descriptions of color and images of our products. However, all drawings, dimensions, samples, descriptive matter and specifications are intended as guides only. For example, it may be possible that the color of an item may be different from the photos shown on your screen. Some of the product images on the Website are digital renderings. Because they are not real photographs, the final product can have a different color or surface texture than appears online. Also, actual applied finishes and techniques may affect the overall appearance of finished products.

In addition, Skyline Design owns a broad range of intellectual property rights associated with its designs, processes and products. Any unauthorized use or copying may violate or infringe Skyline Design’s intellectual property rights.

Skyline Design reserves the right to change, alter, or modify the design, dimensions, construction, or cost of any item without prior written notice.

Glass Specifications


Artwork Requirements
Skyline Design is able to fabricate glass with custom patterns or imagery that you provide. The guide below explains how to prepare your files. Please contact a Skyline Design Representative with any questions.

Vector Image
CMYK color mode,
Created at size or at a proportional scale,
Text converted to outlines (or expanded),
Raster effects must be at least 150ppi,
.AI or .PDF file

Raster Image
Digital photo - highest native resolution image,
No interpolation, no resizing,
Color corrections, image editing permitted,
Leave in RGB color mode highest megapixel (from camera) count possible

Raster Illustration
Minimum 100ppi at full scale with no interpolation,
.TIF or a print ready .PDF preferred

Artwork Requirements


Lead Times
Many factors determine lead times: project square footage, special glass fabrication (holes, miters, pattern cuts, etc), multiple finishes on glass, and custom designs.

To ensure we meet your deadline, please contact your Skyline Design Representative for general lead time information early in your project schedule. Lead times are determined on an individual project basis, but average between 3-6 weeks from when we are able to proceed.

Warranty & Maintenance
At Skyline Design, we stand behind our products, which are hand-crafted with quality and care.

For detailed information about our warranty and how to care for your products, please see the Warranty and Maintenance document. If you are unsure which warranty and maintenance section applies to your product, please contact a Skyline Design Representative for more information.

Warranty & Maintenance


Shipping Crating & Receiving
We give you a number of options for ways you can receive your finished product. To ensure we meet your needs, refer to the Shipping, Crating & Receiving document that describes the choices you have for delivery, and what to do when you receive your crate.

Shipping Crating & Receiving


Frequently asked Questions

Can Skyline Design etch tempered glass?
Yes. Skyline Design's proprietary Eco-etch® technique is a light abrasion process. It does not affect the tension layer of tempered glass, and therefore meets all ANSI Z97.1 tests.

Can Skyline Design work on fire-rated glass?
In most cases, we can work on fire-rated glass. Please contact a Skyline Design Representative for more information.

What are your standard lead times?
Lead times are determined on an individual project basis, but average between 3-6 weeks.

Are your patterns sand-blasted?
No. Skyline Design uses an environmentally-friendly etching process called Eco-etch®. This is a light abrasion process that abrades the glass surface with a recycled, specially formulated oxide powder. The powder is reused continuously for periods up to six months; it is then resold to other vendors for use in their fabrication processes. There are absolutely no harsh chemicals or acids used in our etching methods.

What are your standard sheet sizes?
Skyline Design does not offer standard sheet sizes. We fabricate glass exactly to the size required for each project. Skyline does not inventory 5'x10' or 4'x8' sheets, therefore the client only pays for what is required and actually used in a project. This saves in cost and material waste.

Are samples free?
In most cases, there is no charge for samples. Please contact your Skyline Design Representative for more information, and to request your sample.

Are all your patterns available as samples?
Yes. Upon request, all patterns are available as samples.

Do you offer anything to protect against finger-printing?
Yes. Our Skyline Design Etch Sealer is recommended where there are large areas of etching. However, Etch Sealer is not necessary for most of our smaller scale patterns due to the fine texture of the eco-etch process.

Does Skyline Design Etch Sealer cost extra?
The additional cost for Etch Sealer is minimal; pennies per square foot.

Why don't you publish a price list?
There are a lot of variables that go into most glass projects, including size, thickness requirements, installation methods, hardware and more. It is best to contact your Skyline Design Representative to go over the scope of the project.

How does your glass pricing compare to resin or sheet good products?
Our glass products generally cost 30% less than resin products.

Are your products available in sheets?
No, we do not offer our patterns on sheet glass.

On what glass thicknesses can you manufacture your products?
Skyline Design architectural glass is available in all glass thicknesses ranging from 1/8- 3/4".

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