Alexander Girard Collection

Alexander Girard created more than 300 designs for Herman Miller during his 20-year tenure as director of the Herman Miller Fabric Division. Ten graphic patterns originally conceived as textile designs are available on glass in transparent, translucent and opaque effects, in both color and neutral options.

Alexander Girard Collection Designer

Application Ideas

Option A:    Eco-etch, one side
                  Pattern etch on transparent field
Option A-R: Eco-etch, side one
                  Transparent pattern on etched field
Option D:    AST I/Etch, one side
                  Translucent digital print on translucent, colorless field
Option E:    AST III/Vitracolor, one side
                  Digital print on opaque, back-painted field
Clear glass available for Options A and A-R
Low-iron tempered safety glass available for Options A, A-R, D and E

Standard glass panel sizes up to 72" x 144"

1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"

Not available