Glass is the core of our business. We have over 50,000 glass installations around the world.

We decorate glass to alter the way it transmits light—from transparent to translucent to opaque—facilitating the use of light in the built environment to inspire the people who inhabit it.

Our glass designs add beauty, light, and levels of privacy to your space. We also offer a rich array of colorful—as well as functional—architectural glass products, such as magnetic markerglass, which foster creativity, communication, and organization where people interact.

The simple, clean elemental make-up of glass—sand and minerals—comes from the earth and returns to the earth through recycling. It’s the most natural way to use light to transform your space.

Our design and manufacturing efforts focus on creating a spectrum of sustainable, handcrafted, quality glass and architectural products—customized to suit our clients’ needs and avoid waste. Whether etched or painted, demountable or magnetic marker, our award-winning architectural glass products can illuminate your space.

Our passion for glass began when founder Charlie Rizzo learned the craft of etching glass from English artist Robert Pine in 1985.

Natural, plentiful, pure, and refined, glass is what sparks our collective imagination.

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Light + Shadow, Cascade L
Confidential Client by Gensler / Photographer: Bruce Damonte Light + Shadow, Cascade L